A luxury fragrance by Tina Arena


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The Perfume

Eau De Parfum Spray

Renaissance is a luxury fragrance developed by Tina Arena and Bertrand Duchaufour. Combining the finest ingredients from around the world.


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The Artist & The Perfumer

Tina Arena and Bertrand Duchaufour are two individuals, each talented and innovative in their own fields, who have been bound together by a common desire to defy industry trends and create more than a celebrity-endorsed fragrance. Rather to fulfill a journey of artistic creativity and sensory discovery. Renaissance includes the finest ingredients from Tina’s three cultures that they’ve hand picked as they travelled through France, Italy & Australia.

 Bertraand Duchaufour

Bertrand Duchaufour

Lead Perfumer

Bertrand Duchufour is a global leader in perfume composition and has designed fragrances for many world leading brands including Penhaligon’s, Amouage, Comme des Garcons, Givenchy and Christian Dior. He has worked as L’Artisan Parfumeur’s in-house, perfumer in residence and remains a highly, respected member of the prestigious French fragrance industry. In early 2013 Mr Duchufour had what he remembers as a “rare and beautiful” meeting with Tina Arena in Paris. “As soon as we met I knew I wanted to work with Tina. She is a very open, honest and passionate person and I am sure it will be very interesting to work together”

The Story

"Working with this internationally renown perfumer to create this scent carefully balancing all the fragrant notes that I love, was just a privilege."

Tina Arena

Growing up, the most vivid memories I have are around family, food, music and smell. As a young girl, in the suburbs of Melbourne, I was a part of a busy Italian‐Australian household, there was always food being prepared with fresh ingredients and a plethora of beautiful smells… figs, basil, tomatoes, olives.. ‐ that rich mixture of aromas.. fresh from our garden.. Those aromas were a constant for me, and gave a sense of comfort and a sense of home…

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